Sunday, July 10, 2011


No words came up at all
That i would see your face again
I really don't know
Somewhere in my heart, buried deep inside
I have been longing for you and aching for you

When I turn back, your smiling face
It seems as though it always watched me from behind
This dizzy feeling keeps me up all night
Traces of you that still remains keeps me sobbing

Tell me now, what did i do wrong?
Tell me now, was it because i was lacking?

I really wanted you like crazy!
I have been praying so i can see you again
I feel as though I will die like this
Now, can't you be the one coming towards me

I told myself i would be fine alone
That i would do well without you
Though I say that to myself as i try to fall to sleep;
.....I can not sleep
I end up thinking the way you talk and your expressions only