Tuesday, September 20, 2011

6 Bit Serial Adder w/ Parallel Load

circuit diagram

circuit board

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kim Bo Kyung-Suddenly Lyrics eng sub (City Hunter OST)

Sunday, July 10, 2011


No words came up at all
That i would see your face again
I really don't know
Somewhere in my heart, buried deep inside
I have been longing for you and aching for you

When I turn back, your smiling face
It seems as though it always watched me from behind
This dizzy feeling keeps me up all night
Traces of you that still remains keeps me sobbing

Tell me now, what did i do wrong?
Tell me now, was it because i was lacking?

I really wanted you like crazy!
I have been praying so i can see you again
I feel as though I will die like this
Now, can't you be the one coming towards me

I told myself i would be fine alone
That i would do well without you
Though I say that to myself as i try to fall to sleep;
.....I can not sleep
I end up thinking the way you talk and your expressions only

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shin Min Ah

Name: 신민아 / Shin Min Ah
Real name: 양민아 / Yang Min Ah
Nickname: Do Duk Do Duk
Profession: Model and actress
Birthdate: 1984-Apr-05
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 168cm
Weight: 48kg
Star sign: Aries
Blood type: O
Family: Older sister and younger brother
Talent agency: Star M Entertainment
Education: Hyosung High School, Dong Gook University (Performing Arts degree)
Hobby: Listening to music
Specialty: Imitating other people’s voices and skating

Shin Min Ah and Lee Seung Gi

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kim Tae Woo - Dropping Rain (Personal Taste OST)

Younha - Can't Believe It (Personal Taste OST)

My Heart is Touched - SeeYa(Personal Taste OST Part 2) + DL

Personal Taste OST - 2AM "Like A Fool 바보처럼" (Sing-along Simple Romanize...

Perfect Taste(개인의 취향) OST [I Can't Believe it(말도 안돼)]

Shin Min Ah - Sha La La [Eng. Sub]

Starting Now I love You (Eng Subbed) - Lee seung Gi (MY Girlfriend is a...

Lee Seung Gi - Losing My Mind [Eng. Sub]

Lee Sun Hee - Fox Rain [Eng. Sub]

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sample program in assembly language using (4)

A program that will print ASCII characters on screen w/ the ff. conditions:
--if the cursor passes letter R or r; the ascii will become red
--if the cursor passes letter B or b; the ascii will become blue
--if the cursor passes letter G or g; the ascii will become green
--if the cursor passes letter L or l; the ascii will blink
and the color will be combined if the cursor passes another letter with the corresponding color above....( the cursor will be set at the center of the screen; it will move using letters w-up;s-down;d-right;a-left)

.model small
org 100h
jmp main

asc db 00,'$'
row db 08
col db 39
temp db 00

main proc near
call clr
mov ah, 03h
int 10h

mov dx, 0100h
call setcur

mov cx, 1024
lea dx, asc

mov ah, 09h
int 21h
inc asc
loop again

mov dh, row
mov dl, col
call setcur

mov dh, 07h
int 21h
cmp al, 'w'
if e jmp up
cmp al, 's'
if e jmp down
cmp al, 'd'
if e jmp right
cmp al, 'a'
if e jmp left
cmp al, 'x'
if e jmp exit
jmp key

dec row
cmp row, 00
if e jmp down
call read
jmp center

inc row
cmp row, 24
if e jmp up
call read
jmp center

inc col
cmp col, 79
if e jmp left
call read
jmp center

dec col
cmp col, 00
if e jmp right
call read
jmp center

int 20h

setcur proc near
mov ah, 02
mov bh, 00
int 10h
setcur endp

read proc near
mov ah, 08h
mov bh, 00
int 10h

cmp al, 'r'
if e jmp red
cmp al, 'R'
if e jmp red
cmp al, 'b'
if e jmp blue
cmp al, 'B'
if e jmp blue
cmp al, 'g'
if e jmp green
cmp al, 'G'
if e jmp green
cmp al, 'l'
if e jmp blink
cmp al, 'L'
if e jmp blink

add temp, 04
call color
jmp ascii

add temp, 01
call color
jmp ascii

add temp, 02
call color
jmp ascii

add temp, 80h
call color
jmp ascii

read endp

color proc near
mov ah, 06
mov al, 00
mov bh, temp
mov cx, 0000h
mov dx, 184fh
int 10h
color endp

clr proc near
mov ah, 06h
mov al, 00
movbh, 07h
mov cx, 0000h
mov dx, 184fh
int 10h
clr endp

Saturday, February 19, 2011


             We learn a lot of things during our tour last February 18, 2011. We visit 2 power plant companies here in Bohol; BOHECO 1 and Sevilla HPP. We saw generators which is one of our main purpose in the tour. We were lectured and introduced with the different gadgets and it's function in generating power to produce electricity.We didn't relate much of the discussions in BOHECO 1  because it is for electrical engineering but when we arrived in Sevilla Hydro-Power Plant, there we had relate the operation in generating power because it is a SCADA operated power plant. SCADA stands for supervisory control and data acquisitionIt generally refers to industrial control systems: computer system that monitors and controls industrial, infrastructure or facility-based processes like power generation. Here are some of our pics...

BOHECO 1 New Office

BOHECO 1: Macaas, Tubigon, Bohol

BOHECO 1: Macaas, Tubigon, Bohol

pics with the BOHECO 1 Engineers

picture2x kai wala ka relate..hehe

wai lingaw....

BS CPE 3B with Engr. Pojadas & Engr. Alagon

Sevilla Hydro-Power Plant


the generator....

so high....i'm afraid....