Saturday, February 19, 2011


             We learn a lot of things during our tour last February 18, 2011. We visit 2 power plant companies here in Bohol; BOHECO 1 and Sevilla HPP. We saw generators which is one of our main purpose in the tour. We were lectured and introduced with the different gadgets and it's function in generating power to produce electricity.We didn't relate much of the discussions in BOHECO 1  because it is for electrical engineering but when we arrived in Sevilla Hydro-Power Plant, there we had relate the operation in generating power because it is a SCADA operated power plant. SCADA stands for supervisory control and data acquisitionIt generally refers to industrial control systems: computer system that monitors and controls industrial, infrastructure or facility-based processes like power generation. Here are some of our pics...

BOHECO 1 New Office

BOHECO 1: Macaas, Tubigon, Bohol

BOHECO 1: Macaas, Tubigon, Bohol

pics with the BOHECO 1 Engineers

picture2x kai wala ka relate..hehe

wai lingaw....

BS CPE 3B with Engr. Pojadas & Engr. Alagon

Sevilla Hydro-Power Plant


the generator....

so high....i'm afraid....



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