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My home....

My sister's high school graduation...
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 Antonio O. Arellano, (my father)

                My papa was born on January 17, 1966. He is a farmer. I'm proud to say that because with out a man like him, the world will starve. He didn't finish his studies due to financial problems. They were to many in their family for his parents  to support financially. But even though he didn't get a degree, he works and strive hard to earn money for us so that we can eat three times a day. He didn't want us to suffer what he was suffering when he was at his childhood days 'coz he said it was very difficult. 
             He is my idol. Early morning, he rise up to go to his animals to feed them,
visit our rice field to take a look of the plants even though it is raining. His frustration in his studies was replaced with glory for he was able to send us to school even we're poor. He don't want us to be like him who is ignorant in many things 'coz he didn't learn that things during his young age. He don't want us to be shy in facing people in public and communicating them. All he want for us is to become successful and reach our goals and ambitions in life.

Melba Jaum Logico Arellano, (my mother)
            My mama was born on January 9, 1961. She is a housewife, vendor, and a farmer. MY mama has all the quality a mother I am dreaming of. I am proud of her because even when the strongest trial came in our family, she didn't loose her hope and strong faith in GOD. It was when she got a motorcycle accident on December 7, 2005 and her leg bone was broken. It was the greatest tragedy ever our family has experienced. That time was our saddest Christmas because mama was brought in the city hospital far from our place together with papa and my uncle who will guard her in the hospital.
                   Now, she recovered and can walk normally because the doctor put an steel in her cracked bones to be  fixed again.
                     She is a hardworking mother. She find ways to earn and help papa in his works in the field or in home. I'm very thankful to have them. They were the best!

Luthsie Logico Arellano, (me)

          I am the  eldest daughter in the  family. My favorite color is black and beige. I am just simple. I am now at my 3rd yr of study taking up Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering at Bohol Island State University (Tagbilaran City- Main Campus) in Bohol, Philippines.
            I thought that going to college is easy but its not. I needed to be independent with my parents, learn to budget money and time and manage my own. In my study, the course I'm taking up is hard but I am challenged to pursue this. We all know that engineering course is hard because all the lessons are filled with problems which are dealing with numbers. So complicated! But I love it! Studying is not easy specially when you are financially unstable because it can affect all. But this is not a hindrance for me. My parents served as my inspiration  to finish my study. I think many times that there no hindrance specially when you have a strong faith in your self, the will and the courage to climb the highest mountain in order to reach our dreams and ambitions in the peak. We should aim high to achieve our greatest endeavorer in life. This is me...............

Marry Ann Logico Arellano, (sister)

            An2x as we call her was born on January 17, 1993. She celebrates her birthday together with my papa. She is taking up Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management at University of Bohol wherein she is a scholar. She is silent in public but talkative to the people she has known. Many thought that she is strict but that's just her face expression. hehehe.... 
          Sometimes, i don't understand her but most of the time I feel that she is just her, doing what she want. She is a good cook. 

Mabeth Logico Arellano, (sister)

            Mabeth is my youngest sister. She was born on September 7, 1995. She is now in high school. She is with my parents in our town wherein there she spent her studies. She is responsible and loving sister. She helps mama and papa in doing house choirs. She is gladiatorial for she doesn't want to be oppressed with other people. 


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