Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pre Valentines Rush....

              I was in a hurry last February 13, 2011 to go home because I was told so to deliver the birthday gift and cake for my uncle because it was his birthday. My auntie sent me money to buy stuffs and foods for my uncle. My cousin Ria accompanied  me to go to the mall and buy all the things on the list. It was raining and many people were in the mall, we got a little bit wet. After withdrawing the money from the atm, we feel hungry and eat at the food plaza.We order foods and eat. It was cold in the food court because we got a little bit wet. Even though we were shimmering, we enjoyed talking and eating our lunch. 

                  The coldness we felt got extreme when we drink the coke float. I shimmered .....but it was a satisfying lunch.

                  After eating, we hurried to order the cake and lechon manok so that i can go home in time. 

                I took  the v-hire home so that i can arrive faster. When I arrived at Carmen; our town, it was raining hard so i called my cousin on phone to get me. I waited not so long then they arrived. We rode a motorcycle going home. The street is so muddy due to the rain. Then suddenly, we bounced. I whispered to my self...."O my gush! the cake!"... I noticed that it also bounced. When they open it after we arrived, i got a little damage. But uncle and all of them waiting thanked that we arrived.  We happily eat our "salo-salo" in my uncle's house.
                 After 30 minutes, I then hurried to get ready for I will go back in the city because I have a class early in the morning. I went to our house to see mama, my sister and papa. I hugged them and I said that I will go back  now because I am afraid if there is no other vehicle for the city. My mama and papa gave me money for allowance and for the rent of our boarding house in the city where we spent our study. I kissed their hands and bayed goodbye then I rode again to the town proper and took the bus going to  the city. It was night already when I arrived. I felt so tired.......but i was thankful to GOD that i made it on time. It was a rush!!!!!!!!!              


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